Regent’s Park is the home of the London Imagine If Insights Festival. This sprawling venue lies at the Baker Street entrance of the Royal Park, attached to Regents University – an apt venue for a festival dedicated to insights and big thinking. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings while stretching your mind in our ideation zone and listening to inspiring speakers including Gonzalo Martin-Villa from Telefónica and Blockchain expert Dinis Guarda.  


September 12, 2018

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Imagine If You Could create Passion Through Purpose I priya lakhani

Imagine if you knew how to instil purpose in every single part of your organisation. All too often, innovative ideas are crushed when creativity is stifled by accountability and yet a lack of accountability can mean your company’s purpose gets diluted. How can you get the right balance between the two and ensure that every single employee is passionate about your purpose? 

Imagine If Elephants Could Dance | Gonzalo Martin-Villa

Gonzalo Martin-Villa is the Global Chief Innovation Officer at Telefónica. He is also the Founder and former CEO of Wayra, one of the world’s largest corporate start-up accelerators, as well as being a Board Member of Alpha, Telefónica's Moonshot innovation unit.

Voted in the Wired Top 50 European Digital Influencers, Gonzalo explains some of the challenges and lessons learned from creating a ‘lean elephant’ (innovating within a huge multi-national), establishing a global start-up accelerator and balancing the need for immediate revenue generation with an eye on long-term, ‘needle turning’ innovation.

Here, Gonzalo tells the story of ‘Making the Elephant Dance.'

 Imagine If Your Customers Wanted to Be Forgotten | Ben Grinnell

What happens when your customer wants you to personalise their experience, but they also want to completely control their data and want the choice for you to forget about them? At least until they really DON’T want you to. We’ll examine the implications to business models, customer experience orchestration and customer analytics when customers control your approach to their data and your knowledge of them.

Imagine If Your enterprise Was Cognitive | Michael Hollar & Joni roylance

We’ll explore why now is the time that companies need to become Cognitive. We will share what’s required to become of a Cognitive Enterprise, with special consideration of what it means to your future workforce, your data ecosystem, and how to drive bottom-line impacts. Whether your organisation is barely experimenting with cognitive technologies, or deeply immersed in them, this chat is sure to spark critical thoughts for your journey.

Imagine If you knew what the future will bring - Blockchain, AI and Crypto Economics | Dinis Guarda

Blockchain, the Distributed Ledger and AI technologies are without doubt the biggest disruption in the modern history of technology. They establish a new landscape where blockchain is the new default database and we see a shift to new architectures driven by these technologies. The definition and impact of Blockchain can be so vast, that it is sometimes complicated to outline.What are its different possible applications? How will this technology impact things payments and financial transactions, supply chains, government activities or personal and healthcare data processing?

In this talk, Dinis looks at how you can leverage Blockchain and AI for your business and why this can’t wait until tomorrow.

Imagine If You Knew What To Differentiate On Next | Rob Sherrell

In the 1995 New York Times Best-Seller “The Discipline of Market Leaders,” the authors suggested that leading companies must choose to differentiate on Customer Intimacy, Product Leadership, or Operational Excellence.  Today’s market results suggest that it’s only customer intimacy and the resulting customer-centric organisation that offers sustainable competitive advantage. How do you achieve customer-centricity?  By embracing and enabling 4 key operating principles – your company must transform to be Purposeful, Conscious, Cognitive and Adaptive. We’ll talk about those that are doing so and the advantages it provides.

Imagine If You Could Innovate in Ten Minutes | Rob Mann

Join this quick-fire guided ideation session, created by our resident innovation strategy expert and Wharton School faculty Rob Mann. Based on immersive approaches used with innovation leaders that get superior innovation results, quickly apply rapid techniques inspired by award winning technologies (from SXSW Interactive) to your own organisation. You’ll take previously unforeseen ideas back to your business based on emerging technologies that aren't on your radar yet - making for some really interesting and tangible results!

Imagine if you could spot 'fake news' in real time | jack stenson

Powered by North Highland’s expertise in artificial intelligence and developed in partnership with the world’s leading media organizations, Voyc is a fully-automated voice scanning tool that empowers presenters and producers to correct misinformation live on air. It can also alert journalists to news stories… before they break on Twitter.

Imagine If You Could Use Technology To Engage With Your Employees and Understand Your Customers

Learn how to ideate, build and launch products that could help to drive employee engagement and customer centricity with North Highland’s in-house experts from Sparks Grove and Pixie Labs. Walk away closer to understanding how to make your big idea a reality!

Imagine If Influencing Behaviour Was Simple

Learn how to use behavioral science to influence and transform the behavior of those in your organization – in a rapid-fire ten-minute session.