Join us down south for the Atlanta Imagine If Insights Festival, located at the edge of Piedmont Park. A festival tent will await you at Park Tavern, with beautiful modern skyline views of the city. Located in the heart of Midtown, this location will be an idyllic destination for all those near and far. The North Highland Imagine If Insights Festival will feature expert speakers on topics such as Purpose, AI and Customer Experience.     


October 11, 2018

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Imagine If You Could Do What You Loved I dana spinola

Dana Spinola, CEO and Founder of nationwide brand fab'rik, explores the journey to fulfillment by helping entrepreneurs connect what they love to do with what the world needs. Spinola believed her father when he said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day your life.” Built on the belief that clothing imbues confidence, fab’rik stores nationwide seek to WOW customers—and not with sticker shock, but with an experience one might receive a high-end store, à la champagne and personal styling.

More than a clothing boutique, fab’rik also has a nonprofit arm called free fab’rik that exists to empower women in need using fashion, as well as a clothing line that provides financial support for Kenyan orphans. Dana continues to grow her brand at the intersection of passion and purpose and will share her secrets for success.

Imagine If Your Company Could Innovate at the Speed of a Start Up I terry jones

We’ve all heard of but did you know it started inside the airline giant, American Airlines? Or that Expedia was born inside Microsoft? How did these large corporations manage to foster such successful startups when so many others fail? Terry Jones, Founder of, Founding Chairman of and author of his best selling book, ON Innovation, will unlock the secrets of building a startup inside the corporate straight jacket. Terry, who has served on fourteen boards of directors, has mentored dozens of startups and led five of his own will give you lessons you can take away today to accelerate your innovation.


What happens when your customer wants you to personalize their experience but they also want to completely control all their data and want you to forget about them? At least until they really DON’T want you to. North Highland's Data and Analytics Guru, Dwight Specht, will host a discussion with business leaders who continue to excel in situations where their customers want to be forgotten. The speakers include:

Juan F. Gorricho, SVP data & analytics at TSYS, who is driving the implementation of data solutions that will benefit TSYS’ clients which process more than 27 billion transactions a year, covering a significant amount of the consumer and commercial credit card markets in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Together, they will examine the implications to business models, customer experience orchestration and customer analytics when customers control your approach to and knowledge of them.


We’ll explore why now is the time that companies need to become Cognitive. We will share what’s required to become of a Cognitive Enterprise, with special consideration of what it means to your future workforce, your data ecosystem, and how to drive bottom-line impacts. Whether your organization is barely experimenting with cognitive technologies, or deeply immersed in them, this chat is sure to spark critical thoughts for your journey.


In the 1995 New York Times Best-Seller “The Discipline of Market Leaders,” the authors suggested that leading companies must choose to differentiate on Customer Intimacy, Product Leadership, or Operational Excellence.  Today’s market results suggest that it’s only customer intimacy and the resulting customer-centric organization that offers sustainable competitive advantage. How do you achieve customer-centricity?  By embracing and enabling 4 key operating principles – your company must transform to be Purposeful, Conscious, Cognitive and Adaptive. We’ll talk about those that are doing so and the advantages it provides.


Join this quick-fire guided ideation session, created by our resident innovation strategy expert and Wharton School faculty Rob Mann. Based on immersive approaches used with innovation leaders that get superior innovation results, quickly apply rapid techniques inspired by award winning technologies (from SXSW Interactive) to your own organization. You’ll take previously unforeseen ideas back to your business based on emerging technologies that aren't on your radar yet - making for some really interesting and tangible results!

Imagine if you could spot 'fake news' in real time | JACK STENSON

Powered by North Highland’s expertise in artificial intelligence and developed in partnership with the world’s leading media organizations, Voyc is a fully-automated voice scanning tool that empowers presenters and producers to correct misinformation live on air. It can also alert journalists to news stories… before they break on Twitter.

Imagine If You Were Writing A Postcard From The Future | leigh cook & Sandjar kozubaev

Envision the future. It’s 2050. You’re on vacation and you’re writing about your experience to a friend or family member at home. What will you say? What will the world look like? How will travel have changed? How will you communicate with others? In this creative session we’ll help you explore and think beyond today.

Imagine If a leap of faith could end poverty | Dianne Bernez

Dianne Bernez leads global philanthropy focused on economic empowerment at North Highland. She will challenge you to throw out well-intended, but conventional thinking about how to aid people in poverty, and will share North Highland’s disruptive approach focused on root-cause intervention to benefit communities in-need.

Imagine If You could innovate against all odds | rich mckay

Rich McKay, CEO and President of the Atlanta Falcons joins us to discuss the process behind the newly-built Mercedes Benz Stadium and how they are using it to innovate the fan experience.